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Introducing Everett, Our Daughter

It seems apparent that it’s been a long, long time since I updated this blog. It has been. A lot has changed in the last year. We were foster parents. I was pregnant. I had a baby girl. Life… us… everything has changed. I wrote for a little while on a completely separate blog about trying to get pregnant and then for a while throughout my pregnancy. Unfortunately I didn’t make it beyond journaling past the halfway mark of my pregnancy. While I was going through the hurt of trying to get pregnant, I wrote anonymously. I decided that maybe someone might want to look at that for encouragement so I’ve actually decided to “close” that blog and imported everything into this one. SO.. that being said, you can now go back in time and read what pains/struggles/hurts/triumphs/etc. I was feeling.

There’s so much to update you on that I’m just going to start with Everett’s birth. I can’t possibly go back farther than that to really remember things correctly. Being pregnant, even 11 weeks ago, seems like a distant memory. I miss it so terribly much because it felt like such an extreme privilege and pleasure. I think all that sadness built up over time while we tried to get pregnant that when it FINALLY happened, I could feel nothing but pure joy.

Let’s start with February 2nd, though. Or maybe February 1st since that’s when my contractions began. Our next door neighbor, Jax, turned two and there was a big birthday party for him that day. We attended the party. I felt nothing. No signs or symptoms. I sat on the floor and played with our 18 month old foster daughter. Fast forward to that afternoon and we went out to lunch with some of our other neighborhood friends. Again, nothing. No Braxton Hicks contractions. Nothing. In fact, I had a c-section scheduled for February 5th because our doctor thought Baby Blasig was going to have trouble with my potentially small pelvis. I was a little bit mourning the idea of possibly not going into labor on my own. I wanted to feel that rush of telling Dustyn, “OH MY GOSH! I think this is it!”

After dinner, we played with our foster daughter in her Little Tykes car. We took a very, very small walk around the neighborhood. We weren’t gone long, but on that walk…I started to drag. I couldn’t keep up with them. I felt slow. Things in my body seemed shifty, and maybe every now and then I’d have a little contraction, but I really thought it was such a busy day that I was maybe a bit dehydrated. Signal me going home and beginning to guzzle water. I relaxed on the couch, curled up with a book or watched TV (which of those, I can’t remember – maybe both). Around 10:30PM, I told Dustyn I was for sure having contractions. I opened my app on my phone and began keeping track of them. They weren’t nearly close enough to head to the hospital; at that point, they were approximately 30 minutes apart. This is the point where I consciously decided to stop eating and continued to drink water. I knew if I did go into labor and needed a c-section for sure, I would need to not have eaten.

My contractions continued, but we tried to get some rest. Like normal, we went to bed, but I laid in bed until maybe 1am. The contractions were getting closer and closer. I couldn’t sleep. I’m not sure if it was the pain or the excitement. I took a shower to try to relax my body, again still a bit in denial that I was actually going into labor. I sat in bed while Dustyn snored away. (Seriously, the man had no idea that I had yet to sleep or that my contractions were getting closer together. I remember looking at him and thinking, “How can he possibly be sleeping!?”) I woke him up after my shower and we continued to wait things out. By 2:30, my contractions were approximately every 14-15 minutes apart. In a few hours, the time had halved. We decided to call our parents to let them know what was happening; they live approximately an hour to an hour and a half away so we knew they’d want to make their way to Austin quickly. They all arrived sometime around 5:30 or so. When they got to our house, my contractions were 5-6 minutes apart. That’s around the time the nurse had said to head to the hospital when I took my birthing class; Dustyn did call to let them know we were on our way and also asked what to do since I had a c-section scheduled. They told us to check-in like normal so we packed up and headed to the hospital. (This, of course, was after we phoned our neighbor Justin who so graciously gave up his Sunday morning of sleeping in to come to our house to take care of our foster daughter. We didn’t want to disrupt her schedule so she spent Super Bowl Sunday hanging out with Justin and his wife, Katie, once she returned home from an out-of-town trip.)

At the hospital, they confirmed that I was 3 cm dilated and that my contractions were about every 5 minutes apart. They kept me for a while after being checked in to see how I progressed. In an hour I had progressed to a 4. They then had Dustyn and I walk circles around the delivery floor for an hour to keep the contractions progressing. This was like the Hour From Hell. Really one of the most painful that I remember. I would walk and a contraction would hit. I would lean against the wall or squat until the pain passed, then continue walking. The nurses joked with me that I was a “waller.” They said they liked watching how each woman responded to the contractions. I just don’t know what else I could have done. It was so difficult to walk through them!

Everett Blasigs Birth 01 Introducing Everett, Our Daughter

While we were doing our circles, I told Dustyn that we needed to take my very last bump picture. Though I didn’t blog all of my weekly photos, I did continue taking them. I looked quite a mess – crazy hair, no makeup, and the awesome, awesome hospital gowns. My expression says it all (as you can see above). After walking for the hour, they rechecked me and I had progressed more, my contractions intensifying so much that by the time they got me to my room, I was ready for my epidural. I debated so much whether or not I wanted to try to labor without one and let me simply say that I am so, so glad I decided to do it. (aside from the itching – a side effect of it that was super irritating). They checked me into the room at I-don’t-even-know-what-time. Maybe 10-something? I have no recollection of time. It seemed to pass by so quickly. I’m sure it didn’t feel that way for everyone waiting, but things just moved so fast for me. I suppose that’s good because my body eventually stalled out.

They gave me pitocin to help me continue to labor. My contractions got so close and intense that they hit a threshold where they couldn’t even increase the pitocin anymore. I remember the nurses twisting and turning me in just about every position known to man. (That’s something I suppose I didn’t realize pre-labor. Labor is like a painful version of horizontal yoga.) My right leg was completely numb from the epidural. I had zero control over it so moving into any position felt incredibly difficult. I felt so bare naked and minute by minute was losing any bit of modesty I walked into the hospital with that morning. The nurses had to help me with practically everything. Dustyn was a trooper and made sure I was propped comfortably and became a pro at maneuvering the position of the pillows.

I remember starving. I hadn’t eaten anything since approximately 6pm the evening before (unless I had snacked on something small between that time and 10:30pm) when we went out with our friends. The nurses brought me popsicles (the delicious rainbow Bluebell ones – sweet heaven!). I felt so tired and wanted to sleep so badly, but there was also so much anxiousness. I wanted to be aware of what was happening, to talk with the people who were there waiting with us (my mom, my grandmothers, my sister-in-law, Leslie). Sleep felt so difficult. I think I faded in and out for a while. My awesome Ob/Gyn wasn’t available to deliver our baby (who if I didn’t mention it yet, we did not know the gender of). We had the on-call doctor who pretty much from the beginning tried pushing a c-section. I discussed wanting to try to have her naturally with my nurses who were the best supporters a girl could ask for. They were very much on my team. I had been told that maybe my pelvis was too narrow, but another doctor told me she thought I’d be just fine. No one could say precisely until I was in labor, so we just waited it out.

I got to a delusional point though where my hunger and tiredness began to really affect me. Probably between 9 and 10pm (again, these times are just estimates because I don’t remember exactly) I began throwing up. The doctor was brought back in to check me again and he pretty much told me that our baby’s head was at an angle that wasn’t going to allow me to have her naturally. All the twisting and turning I’d been doing hadn’t made the baby move. At 11pm, the call was made that I would be having a c-section. At that point, all I wanted was to hold my baby.

Everett Blasigs Birth 02 Introducing Everett, Our Daughter

I should probably note that these are all iPhone photos so excuse the poor quality. Dustyn needed a little assistance getting into his scrubs.

Everett Blasigs Birth 03 Introducing Everett, Our Daughter

Once Dustyn was dressed, we took one last photograph of “just the two of us” before I was wheeled away. Don’t I look fabulous? (insert eye roll)

Very, very quickly, Dustyn was dressed for the operating room and I was whisked away. More drugs were pumped into me. My arms were stretched to my sides. I was so, so, so out of it. This part all feels like a dream. I don’t remember it much at all. The photographs from this time make me cry and the ideas I had of what it would be like to hold my new baby weren’t how it felt at all. I felt very not-in-control of my body. I continued to feel nauseous. No one told me that the surgery was actually beginning. I vaguely remember feeling tugging, but no pain. We knew that she had swallowed meconium in the womb so there was no big “first cry” moment because they wanted to prevent her from swallowing more.

In summary: Everett’s birth happened very, very quickly.

Once she was born, they allowed Dustyn to peek his head over the curtain to announce the gender. The doctor was a little bit of a jerk because he gave Dustyn a hard time not begin able to see properly thanks to the umbilical cord, therefore making it difficult to say if we had a baby girl or boy. So the doctor announced it for us and made a bad joke about Dustyn. (Grr.) I was 99% sure we were having a boy. I am positive I’d even began to think of the baby as our chosen baby boy’s name. I was shocked, SHOCKED, SHOCKED when they announced girl. They whisked her away to take care of the meconium, clean her up, and weigh her. Dustyn brought her over to me as I was being stitched up and I tried so, so hard to hold her. I had zero control of my arms. The angle was awkward. It wasn’t that amazing moment I dreamed of, holding my baby girl for the first time. I cried. I cried because I was so excited. Because we had a daughter. I cried because I wasn’t in control over my body. Even because I was exhausted – emotionally and physically. The drugs were completely knocking me out. All I could think of was sleep, beyond the fact that my daughter was healthy and safely delivered.

I did ask that instead of her being taken to the nursery that she be transported to the delivery room with me. Due to the hour, nearly midnight, this made it impossible for our families to see her that night. Dustyn was able to go to the waiting room to announce her arrival, but everyone had to end up going back to our house because I needed to recover for an hour, attempt to nurse her, and then Everett’s blood sugar level continued to dip below the number they wanted it to be at. I tried breastfeeding her in the recovery room, but again, it felt like an out-of-body experience. I couldn’t hold her well because my arms were jello. I kept slipping into a light slumber and didn’t even feel it was safe for me to be holding her. When they told us skin-to-skin time was needed to help improve her blood sugar level, I asked Dustyn to do it because I just had no control over my body. She was so adorably tucked into his t-shirt where they sat for a while. And I slept. We weren’t actually wheeled to our room until approximately 4am. Maybe 5.

The nurses took Everett to the nursery after we arrived to give Dustyn and I a little bit of time to sleep. We were back up by 8am, anxious to see our baby girl, and ready for our parents and foster daughter to visit so they could meet our sweet baby girl.

We are so incredibly excited to be parents to this little girl. Nearly every day it catches me off guard that she’s ours. I think a little bit of my mindset needs to be altered because as we were foster parents for a year, I continually thought about her returning home and being reunited with her bio family. I remember one day, maybe in week two of being home with Everett, turning to Dustyn and tearfully telling him that no one was going to take this baby girl from us. There would be no worry that she would leave us. That was a huge revelation for me because it opened my eyes to the incredible amount of anxiety I’d felt for a year as I fell in love with and bonded incredibly with a little girl who did return to her family.

But that’s a whole ‘nother story. I suppose this is as good as any stopping point to introduce you to our baby girl, Everett Hayes Blasig.

Everett Blasigs Birth 04 Introducing Everett, Our DaughterEverett Blasigs Birth 05 Introducing Everett, Our DaughterEverett Blasigs Birth 06 Introducing Everett, Our DaughterEverett Blasigs Birth 07 Introducing Everett, Our DaughterEverett Blasigs Birth 08 Introducing Everett, Our DaughterEverett Blasigs Birth 09 Introducing Everett, Our DaughterEverett Blasigs Birth 10 Introducing Everett, Our DaughterEverett Blasigs Birth 11 Introducing Everett, Our DaughterEverett Blasigs Birth 12 Introducing Everett, Our DaughterEverett Blasigs Birth 13 Introducing Everett, Our DaughterEverett Blasigs Birth 14 Introducing Everett, Our DaughterEverett Blasigs Birth 15 Introducing Everett, Our DaughterEverett Blasigs Birth 16 Introducing Everett, Our DaughterEverett Blasigs Birth 17 Introducing Everett, Our DaughterEverett Blasigs Birth 18 Introducing Everett, Our DaughterEverett Blasigs Birth 19 Introducing Everett, Our DaughterEverett Blasigs Birth 20 Introducing Everett, Our Daughter

Everett Hayes Blasig
Date of Birth: February 2, 2014
Weight: 7lbs., 9oz.
Length: 19.5″
Notes: We were so, so shocked to have a daughter. Also, she was born with hair. A head full of it!

Weekly Diary: 18th Through 21st Weeks

Maybe this is working out okay, me not posting absolutely every week. I have no expectations for this blog other than to let it be a reminder of my pregnancy in the future. I feel like I post in waves because that’s kind of how things have been happening. Weeks 14-17 were pretty dull, not a whole lot happening. Weeks 18 -21 have been pretty freakin’ exciting and a lot has changed…including my waistline.

  • How Far Along: I’ll be 22 weeks tomorrow so this post is for weeks 18-21.
  • Total Weight Gain: At my doctor’s appointment last week, I weighed in at +14 lbs (total). I don’t think this is correct. I’ve weighed at home since then and my weight has been 3 lbs. less than that. (My weight at home and at the doctor was the same the morning of my appointment.) I had eaten breakfast and had chugged a bunch of water. I’m being honest by admitting it was +14, but I think realistically it’s more like +10 or +11.
  • Maternity Clothes:  I’ve since purchased a few more clothes. Last week I wore this atrocious pair of grey maternity jeans I got from Target to my doctor’s appointment. The band wasn’t form fitting so the pants kept sliding down my hips throughout the day. Worst feeling ever. After my appointment, we went to Motherhood Maternity and I purchased something else to wear and walked out wearing that instead of the dumb Target jeans (which I did return — come on! $37 jeans that didn’t fit correctly. No way. Not keeping them). I tend to enjoy wearing form fitting shirts a bit more than the empire waist shirts because they show off my bump a little better. The empire waisted shirts make me feel ginormous.
  • Stretch Marks: Negative.
  • Sleep: I actually told D last night that I don’t find myself using my maternity pillow as much as I thought I would. I wake up with it pushed aside and me clinging to a different pillow. I think maybe I’m getting used to this whole sleeping on my side thing (instead of my stomach) because I have felt rested instead of restless. I was not a good left-side sleeper, which is recommended for pregnant women, but now I find it to be the most comfortable position for me.
  • Best Moment Last Week: We had a great doctor’s appointment last week, our big anatomy scan. Don’t worry, I’ll post lots of photos again with a bigger update. We have really, really made a lot of progress on the nursery and have a lot more projects in the works. It really seems like we’re in that “nesting” phase and we’re checking things off our to-do list.
  • Miss Anything: Getting up off of the floor easily. I don’t really have many complaints about pregnancy, but I do have to do the sideways hoist when I need to get up now. I am always sitting on the floor with our foster daughter so this happens quite a lot.
  • Movement: This is probably the absolute biggest change in the last few weeks. Those tiny flutters have turned into full-blown kicks and nudges. I feel movements a lot when I’m sitting very upright and straight (I guess I’m squishing him or her?) and right around when I eat. There definitely seems to be a pattern to the baby’s wake times and I’m wondering if I should be writing this down or tracking it. Will this be a reflection of his or her schedule when born? I dunno. The kicks don’t hurt me. They tend to be fairly low right now, but do move all over the place. The weirdest sensation is when I can tell the baby has flipped over. Sunday morning, I was awake before our foster daughter and D so I was lying in bed with my hand on my stomach, just thinking about the day. All of a sudden, my hand jumped. The baby had KICKED MY HAND. I freaked out and woke D up, who lazily put his hand on my stomach. Apparently the baby has an aversion to D because every time I feel a kick externally and D puts his hand on my belly, the baby stops until he moves his hand away. I really, really want him to be able to feel it. He said he kind of could last night – he felt the baby roll – but it wasn’t one of those “see my belly actually bounce from the kick” kicks that I’ve felt externally. I know it’ll happen, but I think this is going to feel even more real for him when he can experience the force of this little person.
  • Food Cravings: Again, not really. I’m just trying to cook a lot at home and eat well. My next appointment is my glucose test and I just really want to not have to take it a second time. Trying to stay away from super sugary things and just eat healthily.
  • Food Aversions: A lot of people ask what I want to eat when we got out with them and honestly, I never ever know what I’m hungry for. This means I’m just giving in to what they want the majority of the time. I’ve had Mexican food and it turned out to be better than I had imagined it would be. Still not craving it or wanting it ALL THE TIME, but I feel like right now my taste buds are confused, but satisfied when I actually decide what to eat.
  • Gender: Absolutely don’t know. Our guess? A boy. We both really feel like it’s a little man, but who knows!
  • Labor Signs: Um, no.
  • Symptoms: My belly is growing at a crazy rate these days. Aside from movements, I feel a little more tired than normal again, but I think a lot of that is because our foster daughter situation has been so overwhelming lately. (I should write an update post about that.) I can walk around just fine. I feel strong and mostly energetic. I’ve been doing my daily walks and trying to get this baby rump to go away. (It’s growing as much as my bump, I swear.)
  • Belly Button In or Out: In.
  • Wedding Rings On or Off: On.
  • Happy or Moody Most of the Time: Thrilled. Excited. Happy. Every synonym you can think of for happy, that’s me right now. No complaints here!
  • Looking Forward To: Having a little bit more stability in our lives as things are super chaotic with our foster daughter. (In a nutshell, she may be reunified with her family soon.) I feel like I’m an emotional wreck where that’s concerned and while I do not want to rush the reunification, I am hoping for some peace. I know my heart is going to be shattered when she leaves. I feel like every day right now is such a huge question mark and that’s been really difficult for me. In happier news, some of my friends are beginning to plan a shower for me and that makes me super excited. (Though I haven’t even glanced at baby registry information. OH MY WORD — what will we need for a newborn?!)

What I’ve Looked Like the Past Few Weeks: (And just to explain why these are always taken at day 5 of the week: my Facebook group does Hump Day, Bump Day on Wednesdays so I always take them on Wednesday every week to share with the group. My weeks change on Fridays.)

 Weekly Diary: 18th Through 21st Weeks

Dressed up cute for D’s arrival back home after he was in Romania for 9 days. Really felt so large that week.


 Weekly Diary: 18th Through 21st Weeks

Not my most favorite pregnancy shirt, but trying to wear it while it’s still warm out to make the most of it. :)

 Weekly Diary: 18th Through 21st Weeks

Full disclosure: I did not feel pretty when D took this photo of me. I rolled my eyes and didn’t even post this to my FB group. Today I’m looking at it thinking how cute the bump looked. And how happy I looked. Lesson: Despite how I feel, take and post the photos.


 Weekly Diary: 18th Through 21st Weeks

I hated how all of my bathroom mirror photos turned out because my butt looked so big. This is what I originally posted in my FB group.

 Weekly Diary: 18th Through 21st Weeks

I did creative cropping and took my butt out of this photo and then shared it with a disclaimer to my facebook group about how big I feel my butt is getting. HA!

October 4, 2013 - 2:23 pm

fromheretomotherhood - It sounds like you are really on the ball with prepping for baby! My mobility has gone WAY down in the third trimester so I am so happy we did most of the nursery in late second trimester. I’m sure you’ll be relieved to have it done. I know I also personally loved just walking into the room and looking around at what we had done and picturing baby in there.

I have read multiple times that baby’s movement patterns in utero are a sign of early sleep patterns, but if he/she has days and nights reversed there are tricks for changing that around.

I know exactly what you mean about the baby being adverse to DH’s hand. The same thing always happened to me when I first felt solid kicks. I was about 22 weeks and when I was sure that J would feel something, he didn’t, or she’d be completely still. Even now, at almost 37 weeks, I have seen my stomach rumble and jump but J never manages to catch it. It’s my mission to make him witness it!

Without knowing full details of the situation with your foster daughter or what your ultimate hopes are for the situation, I want to express that I’m very sorry that you’re going through a chaotic time. I have known people who have been involved in fostering and some of the scenarios and red tape are maddening. I wish the best for all of you and that you’ll have resolution and a sense of peace quickly.

Rewind: 16 Week Appointment + Ultrasound Photos

 Rewind: 16 Week Appointment + Ultrasound Photos

Ultrasound on August 28, 2013: 16 Weeks, 6 Days

We had an appointment on August 28th. I am not sure if I should say I was 16 weeks or 17, but to be exact, I was 16 Weeks, 6 Days along. This was just a pretty easy-going appointment. We weren’t there long and only got one photo of the baby. The technician asked if we wanted to find out the sex, and we excitedly told her that we’ve decided NOT to find out. To be honest, she seemed so relieved. It really made me think about the tons of pressure they must be under to always find out. I don’t know a ton of people that have waited; it seems almost rare. Archaic.

Alas, we saw the baby for a brief period of time and everything is looking absolutely great. Our little wiggle worm was much more complacent this time, but the tech said that she would have had trouble telling us the sex had we wanted to know. Overall, the appointment was very brief. The doctor came in after the technician left. We discussed pre-natal vitamins. He recommended that I take over-the-counter pre-natals instead of spending all the money on the prescription ones because to him “they’re all the same.” I was pretty intrigued by this because it seems every doctor I’ve been to has pushed prescriptions on me. I felt like he didn’t have an agenda.

Ultrasound Stats:

Date: August 29, 2013
Measuring: I wasn’t told at this appointment because this is the point where all babies start growing at different rates.
Due Date: February 7, 2013
Heartbeat: Also wasn’t taken at this appointment.
Next Appointment: September 26, 2013 – our big anatomy scan!

Important Findings: The baby looked great and seemed to be growing well! The doctor and I spoke about the pre-natal vitamins, but also about weight gain. I asked him what I should be expecting or trying to maintain throughout my pregnancy. He said he never gives an exact number and doesn’t like to put serious stipulations on it because he doesn’t know exactly what it’s like to be pregnant (and never will). He said that my weight gain (5 lbs. at this appointment, total) seemed healthy and right on track. He wasn’t concerned at all. I personally know weight gain is going to happen, but I am trying to be really careful because I think being a new mom and stressing about losing the weight post-delivery will feel overwhelming; I will just want to focus on being a mom and not having my insecurities control my life. I just don’t want to be out of control.

« ¨»

Baby Irmagerd is doing great. I’m feeling fantastic. Time seems to be flying by. I can’t believe I’m so behind on updating the blog that I’m sharing the 16 week ultrasound before our sonogram tomorrow. Ooops!

September 25, 2013 - 10:42 am

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September 25, 2013 - 11:07 am

fromheretomotherhood - I take prescription prenatals mainly because it saves me money. Because of my husband’s health benefits, we only pay $5 per prescription filled, so it’s $5 for a 3 month supply of vitamins for me instead of $20+ a bottle for the over the counter ones. As for the weight gain, everything I read recommends 25-35 lbs total in a pregnancy if you start with normal BMI. I’m 35 weeks and I’ve gained 41 lbs. Ooops! But my doctor doesn’t appear concerned and I know many people who went over the recommended amount and both they and their babies were healthy. So I am trying not to worry.

September 25, 2013 - 11:16 am

cirquedebaby - My prescription prenatals, with insurance, were $50 for a month supply. It was absurd! After talking to my doctor, I went to Costco and purchased one of their giant bottles, plus extra folic acid because he did tell me that might be one thing that isn’t as high in the over-the-counter ones. After sitting down and comparing every single ingredient, the over-the-counter ones had an almost identical quantity if not higher amount of each vitamin in the prenatals. And I paid $18 for a 5 month supply instead of $50 each month. Isn’t that insane? Also! I cannot believe you’re at your 35 week mark now! TIME IS FLYING. Are you so, so, so excited!?!

September 25, 2013 - 3:14 pm

fromheretomotherhood - That is insane! I live in Canada so I know our health care is very different. We don’t need insurance for things like doctor’s visits or medical tests or treatments like chemo or surgery, but prescriptions aren’t covered unless you have some kind of private or employer subsidized benefits. But with those benefits, the coverage can be very good. My work covers 50% of prescriptions and won’t cover prescription vitamins at all. DH’s covers 100% minus a restocking fee, which is $5 at our pharmacy. In your situation, I definitely would have gone the Costco route as well!

Super excited, a little scared and finding it a bit hard to believe that the baby will really be in our arms before too long. The excitement is definitely the overwhelming feeling though!

Weekly Diary: 14th Through 17th Week

Obviously I’m just terrible at this. I haven’t updated for FOUR weeks? What’s that about? Well, to be honest, not a whole lot is changing. Well, maybe changing isn’t the best word. Things are changing. The baby is growing. I’m doing well. BUT — there isn’t a whole lot to report as far as symptoms or movement. I’m definitely in that “feel good” period where I don’t notice that I’m pregnant really. I’m not sick and I can’t feel the baby yet.

  • How Far Along: I’m 18 weeks today, but I’m writing about weeks 14-17.
  • Total Weight Gain: At my doctor’s appointment last week, I weighed in at +5 lbs (total)
  • Maternity Clothes:  My mom took me on a maternity clothes shopping spree. Holy moly! I am so thankful for her. Without her, I think I would be feeling gross in dresses that don’t feel like they fit correctly anymore or my boobs would be hanging out awkwardly. True story. I got one pair of jeans, two pairs of shorts, a few tops, and a dress. These have been pretty much all I wear. I do wear non-maternity shirts if I can, but I usually have to pair them with a tank top underneath because they feel too short.
  • Stretch Marks: Negative.
  • Sleep: I’m sleeping okay. I wake up a lot in the night to go the bathroom, but I do have to admit that doesn’t happen every single night. I like my pregnancy pillow, but I hate, hate, hate the pillowcase. It’s really rough. I end up putting another pillow close to my face that’s softer. Needless to say, I don’t think it’s reduced my need for tons of pillows. I’m probably taking up more space now than ever.
  • Best Moment Last Week: Lots of awesome things have happened! My friend Estelle came to visit us from NYC. She spent a long weekend with us and we toured all around our lovely city. We went to the beach in Florida for a week with D’s family and had a ton of relaxation time. I celebrated my 28th birthday last weekend! I feel like my stomach has definitely popped and I look like a pregnant lady instead of just a blob-lady. Overall, it’s been a really GOOD several weeks. (Hence why I’ve had zero time to update the blog!)
  • Miss Anything: I feel like I cannot eat well anymore. As in, I think I want something particular to eat based on the memory of how something tasted to me pre-pregnancy. I’ll fix it or order it at a restaurant and UGH — so not what I was hoping for. This has happened more times than I can count lately. I swear it’s like I’ve been given a new set of taste buds.
  • Movement: For the last two or so weeks, I’ve felt little, tiny flutters. They’ve said it will feel like a butterfly, and that’s exactly what it’s like for me. Nothing absolutely definite yet that feels hard or made me react like “OH MY GOSH!” D can’t feel anything yet and when it happens, it’s not consistent.
  • Food Cravings: Not so much. I’m just trying to eat healthy. (Maybe that’s why the food tastes so unsatisfying?)
  • Food Aversions: I still don’t want Mexican food so much. It used to be my favorite thing in the whole wide world and now I feel very “eh” about it.
  • Gender: We’ve decided we’re going to be Team Green. We’re not finding out! A SURPRISE BABY!
  • Labor Signs: Um, no.
  • Symptoms: Nothing is really happening. Some days I feel more tired than normal, but it’s not an every day occurrence. I feel really, really great. I’m starting to be a little more comfortable with my body. I was really struggling with accepting the way my body was changing. I’m not a skinny person to begin with, so this has been an adjustment for me. It’s like I have to throw self-consciousness out the window because I am supposed to be excited and PROUD of a growing belly, exactly the opposite of what we normally strive for — a nice, flat tummy.
  • Belly Button In or Out: In.
  • Wedding Rings On or Off: On.
  • Happy or Moody Most of the Time: Elated. So happy. Very excited!
  • Looking Forward To: The end of my upcoming wedding season. I know that sounds so terrible, but once I’m done photographing weddings, I think I can spend more time nesting. I’m also just anxious for us to really get a bit more organized and to focus on decorating the nursery. Eeep!

What I Look Like Right Now (as of yesterday):

 Weekly Diary: 14th Through 17th WeekAnd a Past Photo, too… (no make-up, not dressed well, etc. from when we were in FL):

 Weekly Diary: 14th Through 17th Week



Rewind: 12 Week Appointment + Testing

ultrasound 01 Rewind: 12 Week Appointment + Testing

I COMPLETELY FORGOT to update the blog with details of our 12 week appointment. I signed up to have all of the ultrasound images texted and emailed to me after each appointment. I’m so glad that I did. It’s really fun to go back and look at them and also not have to worry about if I lost the physical printout. (We don’t get as many printouts as we do images when they’re sent to us.) The photograph above is the little baby who appears to be sucking his or her thumb. The technician did tell me that the babies don’t know how to do that on their own at the 12 week mark, but if they happen to put their thumb in their mouth, they will suck on it. There’s your random fact for the day.
 Rewind: 12 Week Appointment + TestingThis appointment was for taking measurements and checking for Down Syndrome. The image above shows the baby’s brain, which appears to be growing exactly as it should be right now. Yippie! (Hopefully he or she gets D’s smarts!)

The next few images I wasn’t expecting AT ALL. I didn’t realize we would get to see the baby in 4d at this appointment. HOW FREAKING COOL. I love this!

4d ultrasound 01 Rewind: 12 Week Appointment + Testing Rewind: 12 Week Appointment + Testing  Rewind: 12 Week Appointment + Testing  Rewind: 12 Week Appointment + Testing  Rewind: 12 Week Appointment + Testing  Rewind: 12 Week Appointment + Testing4d ultrasound 02 copy Rewind: 12 Week Appointment + Testing


I really, really wanted to share the ultrasound video the technician took from the beginning of the appointment, but I’m not able to upload it. WordPress is hating me at the moment. I’ll describe it instead. Our little baby was quite, quite active. It looked like my insides were a trampoline! Bounce, bounce, bounce! The technician was saying things like, “Come on, little guy, cooperate with me!” She was not referring to the baby as a boy, but just using “guy” as a phrase, I think.

Ultrasound Stats:

Date: July 25, 2013
Measuring: 12 Weeks, 1 Day (my appointment was on my 11th week, 6th day)
Due Date: February 7, 2013 (The technician informed me this date wouldn’t change, even if I measure ahead/behind in the future.)
Heartbeat: 167
Next Appointment: August 29, 2013

Important Findings: The baby did not appear to have any markers for Down Syndrome or other indicators for anything wrong, health wise. I did the NT Scan and had lots of blood work done. A week later, I received a phone call to say that the chances for the baby having Downs is extremely minimal and everything else looked great as well.


Baby Irmagerd (our tentative nickname for Baby B) is growing well and looking great! At our next appointment, they may be able to tell us the sex!