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seven month baby girl likes and dislikes

Things Everett Liked/Did in Month Six:

  • Pulling my hair intentionally. (I wore my hair in a bun 99.9% of the time.)
  • She responded to music by rocking up and down and patting her hand. She liked “drumming” on surfaces to make noise.
  • She said “mmmm” when she saw a Mum Mum.
  • She began babbling “mamama,” “dadadada,” and “nananana” though I still feel they were sounds and not completely associated with Dustyn or myself.
  • Everett took a strong liking to everything involving our 12 year old dog, Camy. She liked playing in Camy’s water bowl and tried following her everywhere. She became a speed crawler!
  • She loved swinging electrical cords. Hiding and tucking these away is a special talent because she would figure out exactly where something was even if I thought she wouldn’t notice. (This was one of her scarier interests for me so far.)
  • Everett cruised around furniture and occasionally would let go to stand without support until she wobbled and quickly grabbed onto something.
  • She snorted at people to get their attention.
  • She randomly waved hello. (In particular to strangers in Target.)
  • She willingly laid her head on my shoulder and wrapped her blanket around her when we read books before nap time.
  • Playing peek-a-boo was an all-time favorite.
  • Everett thought snack time was necessary all day long. If she so much as thought I had a mum mum or puffs, she would make squeaky sounds to get my attention.
  • Her favorite place to hang out became amongst our kitchen table chairs. She liked sitting under them and pulling herself up. We have tile under the table so I was a bit nervous about her losing her grip and bonking her head, but thankfully she’s been so careful and that hasn’t happened.
  • One of her favorite toys became the Fisher Price musical table; she loved that she could pull herself to stand, hit buttons, and bop along to music!

Things Everett Disliked/Was Uncertain of in Month Six:

  • She was a very impatient eater and didn’t understand if I had to blow something off to cool it down before it could go in her mouth.
  • The car seat was her worst enemy again because she hated being tied down. Her theory was “Why sit when I can stand?”
  • -She didn’t sit still in shopping carts, and hated being strapped in.
  • Though she could drink out of a straw, she spit the majority of the water she drank back out.

Her Eating/Sleeping Schedule:

  • We had a lot, lot, love of wakefulness throughout the night again. She would usually be laying down, but would cry out a few times throughout the night. I would watch her on the monitor and it never really seemed like she was waking up, but was just making sounds that would be loud enough for the monitor to catch. In hindsight, maybe this was teething related?
  • She would go down for bed at night so, so easily, but nap times were more of a struggle. She didn’t like when I left the room.
  • She took two naps a day, and began eating solids twice a day, too.
  • She loved yogurt, but overall hasn’t really shown disinterest in anything she’s tried so far.
  • We introduced butternut squash, zucchini, eggs, yogurt, a bit of bread, and pancakes this month.
  • She transitioned to nursing three times a day, with an additional pumped bottle of breastmilk before bedtime. I am always extremely apprehensive when we change our nursing schedule. Now that we’re on the weaning out phase of nursing with the hope of making it to a year, it feels like I have to be super careful so I don’t lose my supply. I don’t really feel like I know what I’m doing, but everyone keeps telling me to listen to her cues and she will kind of guide me.

Personal Notes:

  • She got two teeth this month, and made funny little faces when she would realize they were there! I was completely unaware she was even getting her first tooth. She was a little crabby and everything made sense after I felt the tooth, but I’m a) going to be thankful she seems relatively mild when she’s getting a tooth, and b) I am a firm believer in the Baltic Amber necklaces. She hasn’t drooled much at all. Her teeth have been big surprises because it wasn’t weeks and weeks of crankiness. She would want extra snuggles, but since she’s moving around so much now, who am I to deny that? This momma wants that snuggles, too!
  • She got her first cold this month. Boo.
  • We began trying to teach her sign language for “more,” but sometimes that got confused with her clapping (I guess if she’s getting more of a snack, that’s reason enough TO clap) which she’s beginning to do as well.
  • We got a little more settled in our home and unpacked a lot more once we made a few changes to our closets to make them more efficient. Bringing our former foster daughter to this home has been really fun because she’s got her own room, but she still has a few questions about when we’re going to the other home. It’ll take a few visits for her to grasp the change, I think.
  • Everett’s bedroom got painted so it’s not plain and off-white anymore. My father-in-law helped us out a TON by painting for us. He started with the girls’ rooms and I absolutely love the color. It feels so cheerful. Everett’s other bedroom was more of a mint green and the more I saw the color, the more I detested it. If I’m pregnant again, I think I’ll try to pick a color I’ll love or be more patient about it.


everett sitting under a kitchen chaireverett sitting on the kitchen flooreverett sitting in our entry wayeverett waving helloeverett standing with arm propped on my legeverett sitting on the floor

Everett sitting with her grandfather, Poppy

Everett crawled to my FIL, her Poppy, while he was painting under the desk area. Note: since we couldn’t paint before we moved in, we purchased paint from Sherwin Williams during their 40% off sale to get the no VOC paint. Our house didn’t smell fumey at all. Expensive, but good stuff! (Wait for a sale if you can…)

Everett playing at a Fisher Price musical tablesitting down after playing with a fisher price musical tableseven month old exploring the baby basketball goaleverett looking in her book basketEverett-Blasig-Month-7-15Everett-Blasig-Month-7-16Everett-Blasig-Month-7-17


These were back to back frames of Everett playing peek-a-boo with me. At first, I don’t think I realized what she was doing and then it clicked that she was playing! I thought maybe she was ducking or moving to another part of her crib. Silly girl!


  • December 16, 2014 - 7:57 pm

    Pam - I love your recap of her life. The pictures bring me so much joy too.


They’re silly. They make each other giggle. They’re animated and goofy.

They’re each other’s best friend.

georgetown family photographer

I’m working on this entire session right now and boy, oh boy — it couldn’t make me happier. I looooooved getting to spend an afternoon with Laney and Ben (and the rest of the family!). My heart is exploding with this sibling love!


Throughout the last year, I’ve shared a lot of personal photographs of my daughter. A lot. Probably more than some of you would like to see.

But I’ve learned something from it and I’ve come to this realization about my work.

I constantly have my camera around to photograph all these silly, sad, monumental, mundane, goofy, etc. moments with Everett. Those are what I want. I look back through the photographs and see the silly little things she used to do (her snort face) that she no longer does (sob). I want as much of those imperfect, unique-to-her moments captured. I want those honest and real moments to hold on to.

I think for a long, long time I’ve been seeking to capture the “perfect picture” — everyone looking at the camera, smiles, great composition…and while I still want and cherish those, I’m throwing caution to the wind and will focus more on those fleeting moments that happen during my sessions. The emotion, the uniqueness of you child, the silly, the shy, the unplanned.

It’s like I’m experiencing this immense freedom because maybe before I’ve been afraid that people wouldn’t want those photographs. But the response to what I’m doing now has been so much greater. I want to get to the root of who you guys are — biting lips, goofy, toothless grins, laughing with abandon, clinging onto mom because he’s shy — I want to play, run, and be active with your family. Let’s let down all our walls and photograph all things real, shall we?


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six month old baby notes and sleeping schedule

Things Everett Liked/Did in Month Six:

  • This was a big month! Everett learned to push herself up, crawl, sit up without assistance, and pull to standing position. Hello, game changer!
  • She made some very high pitched, squealing sounds as she tested her voice.
  • Everett began eating solid foods: rice cereal, bananas, peaches, green beans, sweet potatoes, avocado. There’s nothing she hasn’t loved so far!
  • She loved trying to get to our dog, Camy. (Camy doesn’t love Everett — she steers clear — but I think this is mostly because she’s an old gal now.)
  • She did really well playing with measuring spoons or smaller toys in her high chair while I cooked. I would just move her high chair into the kitchen so she could watch me and we could talk. I played a lot of music and sang and danced, too.
  • She loves her mum-mums and puff snacks. LOVES.
  • She learned how to drink out of a straw. She would try to hold a sippy cup to drink water on her own, but it would mostly get used as a chew toy.
  • Everett needed to know where I was and would track me as I moved around.
  • She adorably began rubbing her eyes when she was sleepy.
  • Her favorite types of blankets are the muslin ones and she loved holding onto the edges of it.
  • She would often be on her knees, kneeling, in her crib when we got her up from a nap.
  • She learned how to pat her mouth (with her fist, not a flat palm) to make noises.
  • She was a total water baby and loved bath time (in her 4Moms infant bath tub), splashing, and swimming in the pool.
  • We took our first family trip to the beach (and our former foster daughter was able to go along as well!) with Everett’s cousins! We went to Rosemary Beach, FL.
  • Each morning we go out for a walk with some of our neighborhood friends and she loves being outside!
  • She found door stops and enjoyed hitting them to make sounds.
  • While eating she will frequently say, “Mmmm.” She’s very complimentary.;)

Things Everett Disliked/Was Uncertain of in Month Six:

  • She still wasn’t the biggest fan of her bouncer.
  • She didn’t like diaper changes or clothes changes, nothing that slowed her down or caused her to stop going.
  • She tried to fight naps and didn’t stop going without putting up a little fight. She became a lot stronger than I realized when trying to get her to calm down. She would push me away by locking her little elbows.
  • We transitioned her out of her infant bath tub to the big bath tub and this freaked her out. Even with a bath mat, she was scared of how easily she could slip. Bath time became something I dreaded in the evenings because she was so unhappy. Nothing distracted her — toys, splashing, singing…nothing.
  • Everett wasn’t the biggest fan of the waves crashing around her at the beach, and once she ate sand, she also wasn’t thrilled about that either. She definitely loved being in the pool more.
  • She didn’t like being strapped into her carseat. Since she was so petite, we continued to keep her in the infant carrier instead of transitioning her to a convertible. I wanted to do my research to find one we really loved because we felt like we too-quickly purchased our foster daughter’s convertible carseat.

Her Eating/Sleeping Schedule:

  • We continued to work on the transition to two naps/day instead of three. Occasionally she would still take a catnap in the evening, but things improved a lot from month 5.
  • With the introduction of solids, she continued to nurse four times a day, drink a pumped bottle of milk at bedtime, and would eat solids once in between her last two feedings of the day (around the time we were having dinner). Her pediatrician recommended that we aim to have her eating solids three times a day by the time she was nine months old so my goal was to add in a “meal” each month to get there.

Personal Notes:

  • No teeth yet!
  • We bought a small beach tent to set up for Everett at the beach because so many times we went down to the beach and it was near her nap time. This was the best thing because she could nap, was protected from the sun, and we had a shady spot for her to sleep.
  • She became a hair puller. OUCH. Buns became my best friend.
  • Only her daddy could make her belly laugh because she didn’t yank his hair out when he blew strawberries on her belly.
  • She wore size 3-6 month clothes and size 2 diapers.
  • We closed on our new house on August 1st so this month was full of boxes, boxes, and more boxes. It was hard to unpack when there were things like painting and adding Elfa closet systems to our closets that we wanted to do. I do have to admit that I expected to be a lot more emotional over our move than I was. It definitely helped that I befriended the sweet girl who bought our home and that we moved only a few blocks away. I suppose I expected to be an emotional wreck because we built our other home, we really settled in there, we became parents to our foster daughter there, we brought Everett home from the hospital to that house. It was such a long summer trying to sell our house and move, but now that we’re here, it feels like we were meant to be in this home. I’m in no rush for everything to be perfect because I know we need to budget and spend wisely, but I envision and dream about our family in this home. Our foster daughter has a room here we refer to as her room, and there’s no confusion over why Everett is sleeping in the room that was hers like there was in our other home.

Six Month Stats:

Weight: 16 lbs (48th percentile)
Height: 25.75? long (44th percentile)
Head Circumference: 16.5 in. (44th percentile)

 MaganMaganMaganMaganMaganMaganMaganMaganMaganMaganMagan** Below are photos from our trip to Rosemary Beach, FL that we took with Dustyn’s brother, Derryk, his wife, Leslie, and their two kiddos. Best, most beautiful trip ever. We both celebrated our ten year anniversaries this summer so it was a great getaway for all of us.



The fall is undoubtedly my busiest time of year. I’ve been scampering all over Austin for one session or another, feeling challenged and excited by each new day. I realize I’ve been pretty lax at posting my work so I thought I’d share a few recent photographs of what I’ve been up to lately. I’ve met and reunited with some good, good people and I’ve been so rejuvenated creatively. I’m having a fantastic fall season and I definitely hope to share more than just a photo or two of the amazing families/kids I’ve been spending time with on Magan’s Lens. Hold me to that, okay?

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adoption family sessions photography

MaganWrinkle 102Magan

christine and michael twin johnson family photo session


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